Opticians : Add Social Marketing in stores

Opticians, how to spread easily your special offers, directly from your store and in 1 click ?

How to develop your loyalty program, and get a better knowledge of your customers thanks to social media ?

We created a social recommendation system for points of sale.


Use the power of social media to :

  • Engage your customers
  • Increase your traffic in store
  • Improve the customer knowledge

When a client come in your optic store, he can share a branded selfie with his new glasses with his friends on Facebook. It’s a new way for you to recruit new clients. Your client become your best ambassador.

Our apps encourage your customers posting your special offers or a brand content while they are still in your store. Thanks to a QR / bar code, a RFID card, or just a facebook account, your customers will recommand you to their friends.

Discover our business case  : “add social marketing in your optic store” :

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