Digitalization of points of sales are becoming more and more common, and today challenge is to make the shopping experience interactive, fun, and sharable with friends wherever you are. It’s no secret, when you buy something you really like, you immediately want to share it with your friends. Usually the store owner won’t even know about it, but we want to change that, and help both the retailers and the consumers benefit from each other.

Tag’by vision is to provide any store with a great set of applications to allow quick and fun interaction with customers in store, and turning them into ambassadors using the power of each customer social media circle.

We already working on more social applications and soon we would allow other to create more apps based on our technology because we believe developers have the most great ideas for social activities, and the list of what we can do together is endless.

Stay tuned for more!


Tag’by started its activity in the event field, providing fun and social interaction in physical locations. We worked with big brands like Disney, Mercedes, Roche, Kia, Deezer, and luxury brands. After learning and gaining all the experience needed from these events, we progressively moved and focused on the retail market to become the first in-store social marketing channel.

We’ve been experimenting the impact of social media since 2012, on physical events, on optical stores, restaurants, hairdressers, and fashion stores, and we always working to improve our platform. In order to do so, we constantly redesign the experience and renew our platform, giving an access to social recommendation to any merchant with a tablet, or a smartphone, and provide a full featured marketing solution for large chains. The user experience was recently simplified and we’ve empowered it with more freedom and flexibility for both retailers and their users.

In 2013 Tag’by were selected as the 1st Startup by Startupbootcamp – Europe’s leading accelerator program for startups.

Tag’by was founded by two social marketing experts and a highly experimented technical team:


CMO & Co-founder

Strategy and Product
Serial entrepreneur
VP OgilvyOne France
50% Software – 50% Marketing


CEO & Co-founder

Sales and Finance
Serial entrepreneur
Leader of Seed Investing fund
“Think big and Move fast”

Our HQ office based in London and the R&D and marketing hub is located in Tel Aviv.
Tag’by is active in France, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Japan.
We operate online and partner with local distributors and and complementary solutions.

Tag’by was selected by Startupbootcamp 2013 that is now, with Vodafone, a shareholder of the company.

Selected by Mastercard, Startin‘post, The Hive.

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