Can I use Tag'by applications with my tablet or screen?

You can use Tag’by with most tablets (iPad, Android or Windows) or even a screen that you already had (to know more about the compatibility, contact us).

I want to become a client of Tag'by, what do I need to buy?

The product Tag’by is a license giving you access to our applications. This license is valid for one tablet or screen. You can either already own a tablet or buy one from us, or any other supplier. In case you would buy it from another supplier, just remember to check with us the compatibility.

Same thing with the RFID chips: you can buy them from us, or use your own supplier. Don’t forget to check also the compatibility.

Can I try it before buying it?

Yes and enjoy a 14 days free trial. Sign up

What's the R.O.I of marketing actions conducted with your applications?

The R.O.I of a marketing activity depends on the support, but also the creative idea, the campaign, the target or even the industry. To have a better answer to your question, contact us.

I understand that your offer is relevant for events or businesses, but is it also for other physical places (stadiums, museums, amusement parks, hotels...)?

The large variety of our applications meets the needs of any physical places wanting to improve the experience of their visitors and relay it on social networks.

Why do I have to use a tablet, while the user can just use his smartphone?

Thanks to our applications, you make sure that the content is shared and promoted the right way. With you brand, products, or image put forward, while with your client’s mobiles you have no controle over what is shared.

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