From Meetups to tradeshows, we have the perfect solution for you!
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You need a registration tool?

We got it! Make an online registration form that fits your needs. Collect data on your attendees and get real time analysis on THE day.

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You need an easy name tag solution?

We have it! Using our Chek-in app you could scan each attendee and have their name badges printed on the spot in a few seconds! This is the fastest check-in could get! Everyone’s happy: you get the data and your guests aren’t waiting in line anymore.

You need a fast check-in solution?

We are on it! There’s nothing more frustrating for your guest to be waiting at the entrance of your venue.

Our Check-in app will allow you to get your guests in smoothly and professionally.

Instantly scan their QR code and you’re done!

Need a leads management tool?

Tag’by leads manager app enables exhibitors to efficiently manage their leads acquisition process. With a customized follow up message sent in real time, managing leads will become hassle free.

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Tag’by PhotoBooth

Don’t forget to entertain your guests! With our photobooth app you could engage your visitors on Social Media while they are having fun!

Need Feedback from your guests? Speakers ranking? a Raffle?

We do it all! We’ll work closely together to set up the messaging and your guests will receive a notification with the right link.

Tag’by Slot Machine

Attract more visitors with a slot machine game! Set up your design and you’re all set! Your guest will play and help you promote your event on Social Media. Use it to collect LinkedIn profiles of your guests.


The Tag’by platform allows event planners to manage the event in real time.

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