New trends in fashion store : digitalize the shopping experience

Did you know that 26% of shoppers take pictures of your product in your store ? And, they are 32% to contact a friend for an advice.*

It’s time for you to capitalize on the power of social media, and to know better your customers.

Turn your customers into your ambassors. Thanks to the tag’by solution, and the apps we made for you, your clients’ friends are new potential clients for you. 

For example, our app, Tag’by Photobooth, makes it easy for your customers to share a branded selfie, with your logo, showing off your product, to their friends on Facebook. Who else could give a better value than your own customers?

The goal of Tag’by is to connect your fashion store to Facebook via QR Code/RFID or NFC technologies.

Tag’by solution increases the virality on social networks (through social recommandation) and generates more traffic in your fashion store.

Check out our video “social marketing in a fashion store”


*online Survey (GFK) 1307 french shoppers have been interviewed. “when you are in a shop, whet are you doing on your mobile phone?”

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