New feature : invite your customers to like your fanpage

Discover the new tag’by feature to stay in touch with your customers !

Now, you can invite your clients to like your facebook page directly from your store in 1 click.

Since you have installed Tag’by in your shop, your clients enjoy our photobooth, promo, and slotmachine apps ? Keep the link, and improve your customer knowledge thanks to social media. Invite them to like your facebook page.

Why ?

– Immediacy : your clients will forget your brand once they will leave your store.

– Proximity : Show to your customers you care about them and want to stay in touch.


How does it works ?

Go to “Setup” in your tag’by manager and add your fanpage URL. The invitation will appear before your client share your campaign on facebook.

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 Discover all the features of tag’by and the social apps we created to turn your customer into ambassadors 

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