Social Marketing for events

Deezer by WBA
Social Marketing for events

Marketing objective

Deezer was one of the first online music suppliers to integrate itself on Facebook through Opengraph. The technology, social networks and innovation are part of Deezer’s DNA. It expresses itself thanks to events organized by the agency WBA.

Facebook is Deezer’s strategic partner, therefore every event of the brand have to affect as many users as possible on Facebook.

Events of the summer 2013

Deezer was in most of the main music festivals in France and on their stand, a unique experience was offered to the visitors.

Dive in a pit ball, throw them in a tube and the music starts playing. Each ball contains an RFID chip associated with a tune. Thousands of balls in the pit, and as many choices of musics for the festival-goers.

A ball thrown: a music played, its title dispayed on the main screen of the stand, and of course the possibility to share it all on Facebook, thanks to the RFID bracelets given to each participant at the entrance of the stand, and… the Tag’by technology.

The results

Conceived by the agency WBA and carried out by Tag’by, Deezer distinguished itself from the other exhibitors thanks to the originality of its animation and the thousands of participants who were able to share their enthousiasm with hundreds of their friends.

Each visitor published photos of himself in the pitball, his favorite tunes, and the pride of being in the festival on Deezer’s stand.

Outcome: Hundreds of thousand of publications of the brand on Facebook, and happy customers…

A mission remarkably carried out!

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