Social Marketing for exhibitions

Social Marketing for exhibitions

Marketing objective

The organizers of this event, gathering the most important brands for young parents and soon-to-be parents, wanted to give the anuncers a way to optimize the rented space.

The campaign

When they arrived, the visitors were given a bracelet linked to their Facebook account and which allowed them to participate in the activities set up on the different stands.

Several brands decided to create social animations for their visitors (games, photos, publish messages, …). Each activity generated a post on Facebook.

Powerful results

The result was profitable for the brand on two levels: First the stans equiped with Tag’by had a lot more attendance than any other stand, thanks to the appeal of the animations. Also, the participants generated more than 100.000 publications in the 3 days of the event, pushing the comunication campaign way outside the exhibition.

New customers
Engagement in stores
Positive feedback