"Check-in" app to control visitors access

Babyland exhibition
"Check-in" app to control visitors access

Thanks to Tag’by, Babyland trade-show organizer significantly improved the 45 000 visitors experience, as well as the quality of service to the exhibitors for 3 days. And he finally collected high value consumer data.

The solution started with a simple form to fill-in online, that generated a unique ID (QR code). The ID was also sent by email and SMS to find it back easier. 50% of visitors registered before the event, 50% at the venue.

50 hostesses from the organizer and exhibitors have previously downloaded Tag’by ‘Check-in’ app on their smartphones to scan visitors QR codes.

Thus, visitors avoided long waiting queue to enter to the event, nor to get samples or other gifts from the exhibitors. And they couldn’t claim many times their gift: ‘Check-in’ app was used to check it out!

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