Connect visitors to brand & Manage the leads

Dassault Systèmes
Connect visitors to brand & Manage the leads


Dassault System installed Tag’by “Leads Manager” app on all sales team smartphones to improve the management of their leads during Paris Air Show.

Every visitor coming to the booth was qualified on the spot by scanning his badge with the app and selecting his domain of interest. Moreover, the sales rep could add personal notes to facilitate the follow-up.

The visitor profile was collected and an email was instantly sent to him according to his domain of interest.

The solution comes with a central web access to prepare the email/SMS sent for each domain of interest and to monitor the Sales activity.



Driving more visitors to its booth is always a challenge. Dassault used Tag’by “Slot machine” web app to attract visitors.

Every visitor who won with the digital slot machine could get a nice gift. All he had to do was launching a short URL  from any smartphone browser and see the wheels spinning.

The winner had to register with his LinkedIn account to get his voucher (QR code) and come to the booth. A hostess, with Tag’by app on her smartphone checked the QR code and offered the gift.

This simple solution increased the number of visitors and collected valuable data from game registration.




Dassault offered to all its partners and exhibitors Tag’by “Leads manager” application to facilitate the connexion with their visitors, collect their data and follow-up their meeting.

Before the event, each exhibitor could download “Leads Manager” app on their smartphone (IOS or Android) to scan their contact badge, select their centre of interest and add personal notes.

Tag’by app was also used to scan visitors badges at conference entrance and centrally monitor attendance.

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